My Tunes Pro App Review

UPDATE: Latest version (2.1.0) removes the best feature, Manual controls of the SRS WOW sound enhancer, and replaces it with the ability to save and share your settings. This sounds like a great idea, accept that it should be an addition, not a replacement. I have no interest in sharing my tunings, and furthermore, I want the ability to tweak the sound quickly. With the new system I have to go thru the whole process of logging in online, making a new tuning, go thru a prolonged step by step process taking up several minutes of my time, without actually being able to hear the changes in realtime to my music…. no thanks…. they just ruining the only half decent feature of the app.
My Tunes Pro (By SRS Labs) – 3 outta 5 stars  1.5 outta 5
  • Improves audio sound quality over default iOS music app
  • Lots of tweaks so that you can get sound to sound how you like it
  • Can access all your music from your music app
  • Has some extra workout, party playlist functions and a decent driving skin with large buttons for easier controls.
  • Cheap compared to the iWOW hardware dongle ($7.49 vs $59.95)


  • Impacts on battery life quite a bit
  • Has to reload the library (which takes about ~1min) on start up, if any changes have occurred, e.g. you sync’d your library or played a file in the default app. Thus most of the time you have to go thru this step.
  • Doesn’t have all of the functions of the default app… such as on the go genius playlist from song, ability to rate songs, and info such as play counts etc are not updated when you use MyTunesPro. This is a pain if you have smart playlists that work of these databases of useful info.
  • Is a little buggy, and sometimes crashes, also the occasional clicking sound
  • App doesn’t feel as polished as some others or the default music app, menu’s and layout could be improved.

Overall, I am a bit conflicted by this app. I did initially really enjoy the “improved” sound that this app gave to my music. To the non-audiophile this does provide very pleasing punchy results, with a much wider sound space, and clearer highs, mids and lows then the default Music app.
That said, there are a number of trade offs. The batter life is a significant one, although my daily commute is only 30 min so I have yet to run out of battery… those with longer times away from the wall, will perhaps be better off without this one. The other major draw back is its inability to update the play counts and other info which, to be fair is probably forbidden by apple, but still unfortunately a draw back for the end user. The final issue is that after an hour or two I do tend to find the sound grating a bit more on my head, perhaps I need to tweak the effects a bit more, but it does concern me. Never the less, at $7.45, it is one of the cheaper “music enhancing” purchases I have made, and its a useful app to have and provides a different listening experience on the iPhone/ipod. I still can’t help but wish that Apple would finally provide some love to the inbuilt music app, and at least bring it unto speed with OSX iTunes and give it a equaliser, sound enhancer, and cross fade functionality. This would for the end user be the best solution.

Until then, My Tunes Pro is worth a look.


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