SevenSeas Worldwide Review

Rating 4.5 out of 5

I recently had to ship my belongings from France to Australia, and after a bit of web searching, I settled on SevenSeas. They were one of the only companies to actually give you an online quote that was very quick and simple. To my surprise most other companies didn’t offer this unless you filled out a long web form and then waited for an email response.
Anyways they were very price competitive so we signed up over the web. We used both air and sea transport options, and both went very smoothly, without any issues, and our goods arrived as we had packed them.

Here is the list of good and bad things….


  • Simple online quotation system (which is quite accurate)
  • Supply everything that you need boxes, tape, pens etc
  • Very reliable delivery and pickup (door to door).
  • Able to pickup within a day or two of organising
  • Phone staff very good
  • No long waiting in phone queue’s (almost direct access to a person)
  • Able to change delivery address during transit of goods
  • All goods (air and sea) arrived within the timeframe quoted and as we packed them.


  • Some problems using online payment system with credit-cards (but able to pay via phone which was surprisingly easy)
  • Website is a little buggy at times, but they were upgrading this at the time we were shipping, so it maybe better now

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3 responses to “SevenSeas Worldwide Review”

  1. LordVepta says :

    To the contrary, Sevenseas actually can be unreasonable and almost fraudulent through their misrepresentation of their products. For example, in their quotation process, they give you a quotation price. Primarily they have “door to door” either air or sea, and “door to depot” by sea. I chose “door to depot” and paid the quotation price offered. However what a surprise when my parcel arrived at the port, they demanded an additional fee about equal or above the original shipment price for a crap load of other stuff, e.g. custom clearance and port clearance. Ironically their “door to door” by sea covers such fees and is a bit more expensive as opposed to the “door to depot” extra fees, not to mention that you still need to pickup your own parcel lest they charge you even more. I would give Sevenseas a F rating.

    Generally a never to be used again service, as they only look customer friendly on the surface level, however do not explicitly disclose the hidden cost lest you bug them or dig through all their fine print.

  2. says :



    I just received all my items shipped from Singapore to the US.

    My TV is completely smashed and it is not because of the box because I used the exact same one from crown relocation which shipped this tv from HK to Singapore without a scratch!

    On top of that the items were supposed to arrive early September and we are now in November…

    What s more – the client service is just nonexistent..

    I have used a couple of shipping companies in the past and since my employer didn’t pay for it this time I decided to go cheap.. that was a huge mistake!

    Posted pictures of the broken TV on Geo Expat, they speak for themselves you are much better off using a reputable company even if more expensive Seven seas is simply a SCAM!!!

    • ScienceTechBlog says :

      Sorry to hear about your bad experience. I used the door to door service, once by air and the second by sea. Both went without a problem and all goods arrived safely and on time. I am surprised by the lack of service, but I was dealing with the UK office, and always got straight thru to a person on the phone, so perhaps they are much better in the UK ?

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