Kogan 42″ LED-LCD TV Review

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Price: AUD $479
Screen: 1920 x 1080 (Full High Definition) 16:9
8ms response 50/60Hz


    1. Price (nice and cheap)
    1. Decent image quality (for price), good viewing angles, bright image good colour and even lighting.
    1. Fast delivery
    1. Reasonable channel change speed
    1. Easy setup
    1. Reasonably thin and attractive
    1. Built in PVR functionality which works with a USB thumb drive or 2.5″ external (bus powered) drive
  • The sound is really poor, you will need/want some external speaker…. even listening to the news is not pleasant on the built in speakers
  • Image quality suffers on large text, e.g. ads and credits at end of show, you can see some rendering problems/blur probably due to the sluggish 50Hz response screen.
  • Its less noticeable during the actual shows, and sports seem to fair reasonably ok.
  • I have yet to test it on a true HD source, so some of this image issues could be related to the digital TV reception, which does drop out from time to time.
  • Not great codec support on the USB playback functionality. After a bit of digging it is supposed to support AVI, Dvix and Mpeg2. The avi’s I have tried have failed, and I can’t be bothered re-encoding everything in to one of these outdated codec’s. Mp4, H264 etc should be standard by todays iWorld standards.
  • PVR recording quality exacerbates the problems of image quality with a lot more ghosting.
  • Only one tuner card, limiting usefulness of PVR function. Must be watching show to record it.


If your budget is tight, and or your not too concerned with having the best of the best in image quality, then this is a solid and hard to beat option. I’m deducting 1/2 a star for the well below par sound… although from reports on other brand similar slim TVs this seems to be a common problem. Personally I am so far quite happy with my purchase, I couldn’t justify spending any more money, and I have a small apartment meaning that 42″ was about as big as I could go. All in all a solid hard to beat LED TV.


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One response to “Kogan 42″ LED-LCD TV Review”

  1. Carey Lawrence says :

    Thank you so much for this very informative post. I really find it very useful because there are so many LED tv nowadays and it seems very hard for people like me to find the best one. Sharing us this information can greatly help me as well as other people out there. Thanks 🙂

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