Best Video Players for iPad – Mini Review

Have you got a bunch of videos, movies, TV shows that you have converted into a non-Apple friendly format?
Do you want to play these back on your iPad, without having to convert them first?
Well, thankfully there are now a whole heap of Apps that enable you to do this…. and this is a short review of the ones I have had a play with.

It’s Playing (4.0 Stars) $1.99

This is my personal favorite at the moment, mainly for the audio boost function.
  • Additional Audio boost function allows you to increase volume above standard iPad volume
  • Same for Brightness
  • Some nice swipe iPad gesture controls
  • Lots of extra manual controls
  • Plays back pretty much every format you can throw at it
  • On 1st geniPads video can be a little choppy at times (although latest update seems to fix this)
  • Not a huge fan of how files are shown, prefer a video preview icon tile layout.

AV Player (3.75 Stars) $2.99

  • Great video playback and does pretty much every format you could want
  • Never had an issue with video quality
  • Has some image controls
  • Lacks Audio boost, which is why I stopped using this player, some movies especially those with 5.1 AC3 sound can be very hard to hear on the in built speakers
  • Also not a huge fan of how the files are laid out, deleting requires to many button hits, would love a swipe to delete and as for It’s Playing a tiled video preview style layout would be much nicer.

Flex Player (3.75 Stars) Free !

  • Its free
  • Plays pretty much everything
  • Has a nice video preview style layout !
  • Not much else, no audio boost, no extra controls… but it is free so if you don’t need any of the other features grab this one !

O Player HD (2.5 Stars) $5.49

  • Plays most files, although when I tested it back at the beginning of 2011, it had some quality issues
  • Like AV player has lots of options for WiFi transfer, but I personally don’t use or need these so they don’t get any ratings bump.
  • Does have good subtitle support
  • But no audio, video boosting/tweeking options
  • Not a great visually appealing interface, and a bit clunky all round
  • Thus give its high price not really worth it, but they do offer a free ‘lite’ option so try that before you buy.

CineXplayer (2 Stars) $2.99

  • Was the first app to offer none apple friendly video play back, so it deserve a mention for its trail blazing
  • Unfortunately it doesn’t offer the wide variety of video formats that some of the others do
  • They are updating this from time to time, but from my experience, I had several files that either wouldn’t play at all or there was no audio
  • Also no audio boost/video tweaks
  • But does have a nice  preview tile layout

AirVideo (3.5 Stars) $2.99

  • Slightly different option to the others, this one lets you access files on your desktop, and transcodes them on the fly so you can watch them immediately on you iPad (takes about 30 sec to start)
  • Does an amazing job of keeping the quality high, and playback very smooth, even if you desktop is an aging 6 yr old Macbook.
  • Would be great if it had the ability to transfer and store files locally on the iPad as well like the other, this would take it from great to the top of the must have pile.

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7 responses to “Best Video Players for iPad – Mini Review”

  1. Malcom Renata says :

    Best ios player in my opinion is none other than Video Player “PlayerXtreme”

    PlayerXtreme HD
    AppStore Link (iPad):

    its really a decent one. worth using!!!

    • ScienceTechBlog says :

      Funny you should mention that. I have actually been using that very player of late… just been too busy to include it in the list.
      Hopefully will get around to it soon.

  2. Diogo Vitorino says :

    Hi Andrew. The current version of it’s playing app includes a lot of new features and significant performance tuning. Let us know if you are interested in further info, etc.

  3. Beherith says :

    Why there is no VM Player in review? excellent for direct playing from network shares

  4. Mike says :

    Seriously… Just want to watch an mp4 movie stored on my network. Apple sucks.hand over my android.

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