Unlocked iPhone 4S Pricing Leaked on Australian Apple Store

Its not listed in most online Apple Stores yet. But the Australian Store does have the official prices for the new iPhone 4S unlocked direct from Apple.

Here is the break down:
16Gb  $799 (approximate €579 €629, US$775) NB: iPhone 4 originally sold at $859
32Gb $899 (approximate €650 €739, US$870) NB: iPhone 4 originally sold at $999
64Gb $999 (approximate €725 €849, US$967)

The older 8Gb phones will now sell for the following:
v4 $679  (approximate €490, US$657)
3GS $449 (approximate €325, US$435)

It should be noted that the list prices in USA will probably be lower than this as they are a) normally cheaper then Australia, and b) won’t contain sales tax. While the Euro € prices should be similar to what is listed above, but could be a bit higher.
So all in all, you now get a 64Gb iPhone 4S for the same price as you used to pay for a 32Gb iPhone 4… not too bad 🙂

UPDATE: USA prices are now live on the main apple page, although they are still slightly hidden.



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