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Best Video Players for iPad – Mini Review

Have you got a bunch of videos, movies, TV shows that you have converted into a non-Apple friendly format?
Do you want to play these back on your iPad, without having to convert them first?
Well, thankfully there are now a whole heap of Apps that enable you to do this…. and this is a short review of the ones I have had a play with.

It’s Playing (4.0 Stars) $1.99

This is my personal favorite at the moment, mainly for the audio boost function.
  • Additional Audio boost function allows you to increase volume above standard iPad volume
  • Same for Brightness
  • Some nice swipe iPad gesture controls
  • Lots of extra manual controls
  • Plays back pretty much every format you can throw at it
  • On 1st geniPads video can be a little choppy at times (although latest update seems to fix this)
  • Not a huge fan of how files are shown, prefer a video preview icon tile layout.
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