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2011 Journal Impact Factors



The 2011 Impact Factors from ISI Web of Science are now out. Here is the update list of some of the most common cell biology can cancer research journals.



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Journal Impact Factors 2010 – ISI and SJR

IF 2010

UPDATE: The 2011 Impact Factors are out you can see them [here]

Here are the updated 2010 Impact Factors (Both SCImago SJR and ISI Web of Knowledge) for some of the more popular Cell biology Journals.

I have also included the raw data in a table below. Read More…

Journal Impact Factors 2009


UPDATE: 2010 Impact Factors are now online.  You can grab the latest here

Here is a nice visual graph for the latest 2009 impact factors for the most popular cell biology journals. Hope you find it useful when looking for a place to publish your fantastic results. Read More…

Journal Impact Factors: SJR vs ISI Web of Knowledge

UPDATE: 2010 Impact Factors are now online.  
You can grab the latest here
Journal Impact is/has become an ever important aspect to a researcher’s life.  Not only has publish or perish forged itself as a “law”, but continued existence is just as dependent on the quality of journal that your work gets published.  Unfortunately 2 lower publications are not worth the same as 1 higher ranked journal… nor are 5 Oncogenes equal to one Cell paper.  Regardless of if this system is correct, its our current reality, and therefore having a good visual guide to what a journals ranking is can be a huge help when preparing a manuscript. But which impact factor is the best one to go by ????

In the past the gold standard was the ISI Web of Knowledge, but now there is a new kid in town, the SJR journal & Country Rank, powered by Scopus. So which one is better? After taking a look through some of the more common journals for cell biology, I’m leaning towards the SJR, it seems to fit a bit more with my gut feeling of how good a journal is, although that is a highly unscientific measure. So I will let the graphs speak for themselves and let you decide which is better.

SCImago Journal & Country Rank powered by Scopus Impact factors


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