Using Thresholds to Measure and Quantify Cells in Image J

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I often get asked how to uses Thresholds to measure things in Image J. There are some great guides on the web explaining how to use Thresholds in Image J, and here are a few that are well worth checking out [Link1][Link2]. Below are some of the Basic Steps…

Please help ASMR convince the government to urgently inject funding into Medical Research

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Hi everyone,
I am honoured to have recently joined the National board of directors of the Australian Society for Medical Research (#ASMR). This is a fantastic society that has for decades fought for a better working environment and more sustainable investment in Medical research. We recently launched a campaigned to help restore much needed funding to the sector, which as many of you know this year is facing its worst level of grant success rates in years. Please read the information below, and using the template letter lobby your local, state and national MPs to help convince them of the urgent need and benefits of Medical Research.

In 2014, NHMRC project grant success rates were below 15% and are the lowest in our history. These funding rates mark a significant drop of over 8% since 2011. This year our sector faces its toughest challenge yet, with NHMRC project grant success rates…

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Registration Now Open for 15th Australian Cell Cycle Meeting


Abstract submissions and registration are now open.

Oral Abstract:  12th December, 2014
Poster Abstract:  16th January, 2015
Conference Attendance:  6th February, 2015

To register for the conference and submit your Abstract,
Please click here and follow the on-screen prompts.

Conference Registration Pricing
Post-Doc’s   $295
Students      $195

Biology Journal Impact Factors for 2013

Here are the latest (2013) impact factors for the top journals in the field of biology, and cancer research. Its not a complete list but its a good start and a great way to find that perfect journal to publish your latest and greatest research in.



Journal 2013 5 year 2013
Nature 42.351 40.783
Cell 33.116 35.02
Science 31.477 34.463
Cancer Cell 23.893 27.238
Nat Cell Biol 20.058 21.241
Cancer Discovery 15.929 15.929
Mol Cell 14.464 15.324
Sci Transl Med 14.414 12.701
Gene Dev 12.639 12.765
Cell Res 11.981 11.078
PLOS Biology 11.771 12.807
EMBO J 10.748 10.168
Nature Commun 10.742 11.023
Dev Cell 10.366 13.012
Current Biology 9.916 10.227
PNAS 9.809 10.727
J Cell Biol 9.688 10.398
Cancer Res 9.284 8.958
Nuc Acid Res 8.808 8.378
Oncogene 8.559 7.719
eLife 8.519 8.556
J Mol Cell Biol 8.432 8.953
Cell Death Differ 8.385 8.345
EMBO Rep 7.858 7.653
BMC Biology 7.431 6.942
Mol Cell Proteomics 7.254 7.395
Cell Reports 7.207 7.215
OncoTarget 6.627 6.402
J Invest Dermatol 6.372 6.113
Sci Signal 6.337 7.123
Development 6.273 6.671
Mol Oncol 5.935 5.837
Breast Cancer Res 5.881 6.255
Cell Mol Life Sci 5.856 6.455
FASEB J 5.48 6.045
Mol Cancer 5.397 5.236
J Cell Sci 5.325 6.007
Carcinogenesis 5.266 5.815
Mol Cell Biol 5.036 5.614
Int J Cancer 5.007 5.497
Cell Cycle 5.006 4.746
Eur J Cancer 4.819 5.617
Cell Commun Signal 4.672
J Biol Chem 4.6 4.863
Open Biol 4.556 4.556
Mol Biol Cell 4.548 5.154
Mol Cancer Res 4.502 4.812
Mol Pharm 4.12 4.596
Biol Cell 3.872 4.417
PLOS One 3.534 4.015
Exp Cell Res 3.372 3.552
Chromosoma 3.26 3.331

Our Latest Review Article “Stressing Mitosis to Death” is now online !

Featured Image -- 654


Open Access Article on how stress affects mitosis and the response the the mitotic chemotherapy drug Taxol.

Originally posted on The Cell Division Lab:

Great news, our latest review article “Stressing Mitosis to Death” has been accepted for publication by Frontiers in Oncology. You can access the provisional pre-press version here.

The review is about how common stresses affect mitosis, and the impact these stresses can have on the blockbuster mitotic chemotherapy drug Taxol (paclitaxel)

Finally here is one of the beautiful figures drawn by our own Sam Rogers for the Review!  Hope you enjoy the read !

Fig. v4

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iBiology Microscopy Course

Originally posted on Optical Nanoscopy Blog:

Light microscopy has become one of the most useful tools in the life sciences. Following the traditions of great courses on light microscopy, such as those offered by the Marine Biological Laboratory, EMBO, and the NCBS in Bangalore, this free online comprehensive course begins with the basics of optics, proceeds through transmitted light microscopy, covers the various methods of imaging fluorescent samples, describes how cameras work and image processing, and concludes with some of the latest advances in light microscopy. In addition to lectures, they also provide labs (filmed at a microscope) and short tips, so as to cover pragmatics of how to use microscopes. Assessments are provided for each lecture. Enjoy learning microscopy!


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Announcement: PTMs in Cell Signaling conference


Excellent meeting coming up

Originally posted on Buried Treasure:

Two years ago, I was one of the organizers of the 2nd Copenhagen Bioscience Conference entitled PTMs in Cell Signaling. I think it is fair to describe it as a highly successful meeting, and it is my great pleasure to announce that we will be organizing a second meeting on the topic September 14-18, 2014.

CBC6 poster

My co-chairs Jeremy Austin Daniel, Michael Lund Nielsen, and Amilcar Flores Morales have managed to put together the following excellent lineup of invited speakers:

Alfonso Valencia, Chris Sander, David Komander, Gary Nolan, Genevieve Almouzni, Guillermo Montoya, Hanno Steen, Henrik Daub, John Blenis, John Diffley, John Tainer, Karolin Luger, Marcus Bantscheff, Margaret Goodell, Matthias Mann, Michael Yaffe, Natalie Ahn, Pedro Beltrao, Stephen Elledge, Tanya Paull, Tony Hunter, Yang Shi, Yehudit Bergman, and Yosef Shiloh.

All conference expenses are covered, which means that there will be no registration fee and no expenses for…

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